WP_20151026_19_39_07_Pro (2)We have a small apiary of four beehives at Falkland Kitchen Farm and also look after two hives down the road at Pillars of Hercules Organic Farm.  We are very passionate about our bees and do all that we can to make sure that they flourish! One of the ways that we do this is by planting lots of wildflowers on the field to help our bees along as well as to provide forage for wild bees and other pollinating insects! This year was a difficult one for the bees as we had lots of rain in the prime foraging months, so we left most of the bees’ hard earned honey in the hives to see them comfortably through the winter months.  Fingers crossed for lots of sunshine and honey next year!  When we do harvest honey we process it as minimally as possible to keep all of the natural enzymes and subtle flavours intact. All that we do is extract the honey from the frames of honeycomb using a hand powered centrifuge and then strain the honey through a coarse mesh which allows the pollen to remain in the honey. We never heat our honey so it comes to you raw, just as it should be!

WP_20150703_14_28_49_ProIf you are interested in our honey and would like to pre-order for next year then do get in touch! We would also love to hear from anyone looking to learn about beekeeping, it is a fantastic hobby and a brilliant way to give something back to your local environment. We are very happy to chat to people about what’s involved in looking after bees and how to get started, as well as to give tours of our apiary.